About KleenCo

KleenCo is a company specializing in commercial cleaning services in the Greater Montreal region. Since 2005, we have provided all the upkeep and maintenance services that our customers may need.

Our business is a family business and it is always in the family. This explains our proximity to our customers as well as to the employees and franchisees who make up our family.

In order to offer our customers the best commercial maintenance service, KleenCo is always alert to the best products, tools and techniques available out there. We consider and we are attentive to all innovations in the cleaning and maintenance fields to satisfy all our partners.

Caring for the environment is no longer optional today, it has never been the case at KleenCo. Since the foundation of the Assistance Ménage Inc. group, we only use biodegradable products during our office maintenance and commercial cleaning services. We also try to use the most reusable material.

Your health and the health of your employees and customers are important to us. This is the reason why the cleaning products we use are not only biodegradable but also hypoallergenic. You, your employees and your customers will be in contact with the cleaned surfaces hence the importance of the quality and the safety of the cleaning products.


At KleenCo we are fully aware of the effect that unclean workspaces can have on the people who work there. We are also aware that a clean and tidy workspace greatly increases the productivity and the well-being of the employees.


When one of our clients trusts us with their business or their building, we are aware of our responsibility to act with the highest standard of safety and security. The accesses we receive to your company or your building are treated with the greatest vigilance. The employees who will have access to them have all undergone a background check and undergo extensive security procedures.

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