Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Thinking of going into business? Franchising is a turnkey business opportunity! This form of project helps reduce risks, especially if this is your first experience. Indeed, the franchisor (parent company) puts its experience to the benefits of the franchisee in areas as diverse as marketing, administrative support, training, departure formalities, etc. This saves a lot of mistakes and saves a lot of time.

The KleenCo Commercial Cleaning Franchise

At KleenCo we provide our franchisees with all the knowledge we have accumulated during our 15 years of experience in the cleaning and maintenance industry. Our role is to train and support our franchisees in all the stages and all the challenges they will face during their journey.

We have implemented an efficient and comprehensive commercial maintenance franchise system. The KleenCo franchise offers:

  • Complete training
  • Stable clients base
  • Starting materials and products
  • Administrative Support
  • Start-up assistance
  • Marketing support

Interest-free financing for your franchise

The price of the franchise varies enormously depending on the income you seek. The starting price is $ 12,250 plus tax. KleenCo requires a minimum deposit of 40% of the price of the franchise; the rest will be staggered according to a payment schedule established before the signing of the contract. The financing is 100% interest free!

Call us now at 514 991 5537 to find out more!

The steps to follow for a commercial housekeeping franchise:

  1. Read our website
  2. Fill in the appointment form (at the bottom of the page)
  3. Telephone interview
  4. Meeting at our offices
  5. Establishment of an agreement
  6. Signing of the contract
  7. Training
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